A seeker's journey to cross a continent, visit ecovillages, learn living techniques which foster life on the planet, and forge inter-tribal connections.

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The Day I Wandered...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Location: Pittsburgh, one coffee shop after another...

Hope dying, reforming, evolving. So tired of wandering these lonely, desolate streets, wondering where the next sip of water might be found.
3 days ago, I was abundant, overflowing with hydration, but how quickly the body uses that up!
Blessed Elua, please watch over me as this endless day draws near to a close, nightfall looming ahead.
What of devotion to tribe? What of my vigil? When tribe has been scattered, what is there left to do, but wander?


"We had learned that there were pangs too sharp, griefs too deep, ecstasies too high for our finite selves to register. When emotion reached this pitch the mind choked; and memory went white till the circumstances were humdrum once more."

attributed to Lawrence of Arabia
(July 22)