Still here...


So here's the raw mp3 recording of last night's Shadow Transmissions on KBGA (8.28 hours in length), driven by synchronicity and collaboration. Any of those whose artistic creations appear here (with or without permission) are welcome to cut it into pieces and upload to mixcloud or whatever, at least as far as i'm concerned, though i can't take any credit or claim ownership except to have pushed a few buttons and facilitated the mutated reproduction of other artists' works (last time i checked mixcloud had a limit of 6 hours on allowed upload file length)....

Content Overview (times extremely approximate):

Hours 1-2: Raven - Midnite Soundscapes (Gothic Music...)
Hours 2-4.5: Erastaroth / Bitscape (Industrial / Future Pop / mystery music)
from there on out, ambient/instrumental live music mix by Erastaroth,
spoken word selections chosen by Bitscape:
Hours 4.5-5: Terence McKenna
Hours 6-6.5: Alchemically Braindamaged / Mosaic Effect Zac ("Donnie Darko and the Aeon of Horus")
Hours 6.5-8: Unwelcome Guests' Robin Upton reads from David Graeber's Debt : The First 5000 Years ("Games with Sex and Death")

Then came Beethoven, and daylight dawned. archive