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Red Yellow Sun

Monday, July 05, 2010

Location: Caffeina's Coffee and Wireless (Wisteria)

Tip for any Sarah Fimm fans who might be reading: Just in case you didn't already know, her new album Red Yellow Sun has been released. I recommended downloading it (or purchasing the cd) from CD Baby, as I've heard first hand from several artists that they give the artist a far better deal regarding royalties than "that other music downloading store". (But it's also available there for those who are into that)

At CD Baby, the file downloads will be standard mp3, and the site works well on all platforms, rather than trying to restrict people to the narrow choices of Control Freak Jobs on the left, and Emperor Bill on the right.

For myself, I may or may not be able to download it in time to share with others at the campground here. The bandwidth comes and goes. It seems a little risky to fork over credit card info and then wonder whether the download will be able to finish before Moya and I get booted out of the cafe, but even if it can't finish, cdbaby gives me a few weeks to log back in and download it again.

I swear, nobody paid me to write this! Sarah Fimm is a Goddess. Long ago, as well as recently, she gave mp3 downloads freely to all, and now I shall pay her forever.