A seeker's journey to cross a continent, visit ecovillages, learn living techniques which foster life on the planet, and forge inter-tribal connections.

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Our Mythology

Friday, July 02, 2010

Location: Donkey Coffee in Athens

Wrote the following in my paper journal two days ago while fasting in my tent under the hot sun, having all manner of visions and memory trips. It's only a couple sentences, but... a beginning. Or something.

Our Mythology

From the east they came. Invaders. Taking everything they could grab, claiming all for themselves, sucking the life dry from all things. Wherever their reach extended, destitution, hunger, and suffering followed.

And so, a warning call went out: "Go West!" It echoed. "Go West."

Current plan: Tomorrow after the farmer's market, I'll be back in Wisteria for another week for Starwood. Then east. Pennsylvania, North Carolina, wherever else the forces direct me. Before returning home, I must go East.