A seeker's journey to cross a continent, visit ecovillages, learn living techniques which foster life on the planet, and forge inter-tribal connections.

Core Purpose:


Full Moon Completion

Monday, July 26, 2010

Location: Pittsburgh Healing House

Music: Conjure One - Tears From The Moon

At the beginning of this 7-day prayer ritual, which culminates with this evening's full moon (currently overhead), I set out with the following intention:

Spirit Willing -- working in alignment with both Astral and Underworld selves -- for the next 7 days and nights, until the next Full Moon passes, I intend to devote myself to the tribe that has been sharing and sheltering me, praying to Blessed Elua for guidance regarding the next step in my ongoing journey.

If self-assessment is any guide, I would say I have devoted myself to this tribe to the utmost during these past 7 days. I have participated in the tribe's trade, helping bring in a little bit of revenue. I've done what I can to ensure the daily needs of friends present are met, and followed Blessed Elua's precept of love in choosing my actions.

I believe my prayer has been answered. The next step has been revealed. I have been invited to return to the Rainbow Sanctuary for more volunteer work later in the week. My new plan, in accordance with larger journey intention (permaculture, manifesting gardens, natural shelters, etc etc), is to accept this mission and follow through with it.

(There is, however, a 7.7% chance that I might get distracted by sirens offering promises to grant birthday wishes during the coming 3 days, if only I Stay (stagnate) another day... What's a tired traveler to do? Deep down, nothing is certain, all bets are off. The journey retains a degree of fundamental unpredictability. Truly, I wouldn't have it any other way.)

Midnight passes, and as the full moon shines, the last thing I'd ever want to do now is Sleep (track 10)....

Tears From The Moon (track 3)

couldn't Sleep, so I went out walking...


Still: Recent circumstances have rendered me utterly incapable of keeping any promises or following through with any intentions, because every promise and intention I create conflicts with another previously set goal. Merits must be weighed, and priorities set, with Love as the highest directive. Where does Love lead, and what is Love's true voice? What happens when Love, drawing energy in many directions at once, literally pulls the Will apart, tearing self into broken fragments? When I turn to face, and embrace my Love, it defeats me every time.

Kushiel knew this: Love, down in its purest, rawest form, can become the most cruel master of all.
(July 27)