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Back at Wisteria

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Location: Wisteria

On July 4th, I returned to Wisteria to volunteer. Many people from the tribe that met at midsummer and left for a while after have also returned. Now, we can see one another in our fullness. I'm glad I came back for one more week.

May or may not be able to get on the wireless network often this week, depending on how things go, and what the logistics look like. Change is a part of life, always.

I'm excited. Presently running through the final testing of Moya's new tri-OS boot partitioning scheme. Every time she powers on, I get to choose between Standard Ubuntu, OpenSuse, and Ubuntu Studio. It all came together when I finished installing the third OS. The studio is where I love to be, but anywhere there's music to manifest. let me be there.

So now, with that, I'll finish my final round of boot testing, power down, and go see what's happening at the fire circle. Blessed Be.