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Scattered Remnants Connecting Past, Moving Onward

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Location: Missoula, OAO Temple, Argo (outside of time)

Spent the last couple weeks in Missoula catching my breath, looking ahead, reconnecting with the past, which reminds me to treasure every moment of the present...

With Argo powered up and connected to the net again for but a brief instant now, I took the opportunity to upload a few pieces of personal history... My web archive project, which has been stewing for the past couple years, has been uploaded, unfinished and haphazard though it may be. Some things are still missing, graphics misplaced, links may be broken, and some of the look/feel aspects are mismatched with the eras in which things were written. However, The recent loss of my digital music collection served as a painful reminder of the importance of data backup, even if it's not perfect or 100% complete.

While I am away, for those wishing to delve into the edifice of what I once was, a few starting points...

Three days from now, I leave everything behind again to hop on a bus and go visit Dancing Rabbit. From now until then, I intend to put whatever affairs I can in order here before saying goodbye once more.

(By the way, during the past two weeks, Food Not Bombs thankfully happened without interference in Missoula, drawing good crowds, good meals, and good conversations. And on Saturday nights, I just haven't been able to keep myself away from the KBGA studio, even though I don't have a show anymore. All reminding me how much I love everything I'm leaving behind.)

Anyway... Time ticks away, and I must disconnect and pack up this old beast of a machine, letting what's left of my digital data rest again in the loving care of OAO.