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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Location: Dancing Rabbit, Missouri

After two days of hopping from one bus to another, yesterday afternoon I arrived here at the Dancing Rabbit ecovillage, out amidst the rural plains. Most impressive is the fact that the entire place is off the power grid, but with enough solar panels to run laptop computers, electric lights, food refrigeration, and various other amenities, albeit with varying availability on cloudy days.

Since I arrived, the weather has been hot and sunny. (Warmer than typical for May according to the long term residents.) I very much enjoyed the dip in the pond I just took this afternoon.

Otherwise, so far I've been getting oriented, touring, learning how the co-op kitchen works, and catching up from the bus-lag effect on my sleep cycles. On that note, I think I'll wander back to my tent and see about catching a brief nap before dinner.


Kenny: Well done Ben. Dancing Rabbit sounds really interesting. Thanks for the vicarious trip. (May 28)