A Voice From Somewhere...

All that you know fades away.

Reality is what you make.
All within a mystery.


The first in over a year.

This is my voice. Out of space, out of time.

What do I write, and why?

The words echo back from the screen, reverberating mental constructions.

Then I lose myself in music again.

The permeable world of light.

What has become of us?

The web as an aesthetic medium;
html as a language of creative construction:

Has it faded? What do we see?

Meanwhile, in Washington, a fascist regime consolidates power, destroying the last vestiges of a government that makes even a token effort to serve the needs of the people.

So let's just get this out there right now: Any government that declares human beings who have committed no harm to be "illegal" for simply existing is a tyranny that does not deserve our support. Full stop. Let go of any bullshit rationalizations about a person's place of birth, possession of certain paperwork (or lack thereof), citizenship status, or purported ancestry. Committing brutal home invasions, ripping families out of communities, children from parents, detaining and herding people en masse is the work of despots.

Newsflash: If you work for ICE, then you are with the Bad Guys! If you support the newly installed orange Fuhrer who delights by inflicting suffering upon the less privileged, you are, at best, a well meaning dupe who should learn better; at worst, well... If the suffering of other human beings does not concern you, what about your own posterity? Just think about the Germans, circa 1933. Do you want to be remembered by the future in a similar way that they are today?

Now, with that bit of preaching out of the way, can we just get to the meat of it now? Where's the insight? Where's the entertaining tales of geeky hijinks gone insane? Where's all that real CONTENT we've been missing?

But content is not what you really want, is it? You came here for the Sport of it.

So this art is really about inducing moods and impressions via the conduit of purposefully crafted media presentation.

The text editor is my canvas. What next shall I create?

This new world of web creation is about making an iconography people can get into and work with.

Clear, consistent, obvious.
Interface design, within the bounds of the medium.

...And a new day begins!

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