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Still... in Pittsburgh

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Location: House of Healing (South Hills, Pittsburgh)

Today, I had a chance to ride to 4 Quarters, where I had convinced the gatekeepers that it would be worth their while to take me on as a full-time volunteer for a few weeks. But last night, a conversation with my host at the house where I am staying prompted me to reconsider.

This morning, I listened to my intuition. When the phone rang, I answered, apologized for changing my mind, and told the party destined for 4Q to leave without me. Instead, I spent the afternoon cooking pasta, brought it down to a pseudo-potluck at a place locals refer to as "The Point", and participated in an earth-healing prayer ritual there. Now, I am still in Pittsburgh as dusk sets in...

Hoping that I made the best choice, that I will be able to contribute to the greatest good during the remainder of my stay here (however long that may be), and that my true path becomes clear in due time.

Soon, the sun enters Leo. One way or another, it will be my time to Shine.

music: Edenbridge - Shine