A seeker's journey to cross a continent, visit ecovillages, learn living techniques which foster life on the planet, and forge inter-tribal connections.

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Developing Intention

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Location: Live To Love To Live Tribe (Pittsburgh)

This afternoon, as I take some personal time and space in internet coffee shop land to download music and chill out, my intention develops, thoughts becoming clear...

Intention: Spirit Willing -- working in alignment with both Astral and Underworld selves -- for the next 7 days and nights, until the next Full Moon passes, I intend to devote myself to the tribe that has been sharing and sheltering me, praying to Blessed Elua for guidance regarding the next step in my ongoing journey.


Bitscape: For those who not already familiar with Elua the D'Angeline pantheon, the mythology of Earth Begotten provides a concise, canonical summary of this deity's purpose, philosophy, and lineage. (And to any who might think of this as getting "lost in fantasy", I submit that this religion is every bit as valid as that of the Jedi tradition, whose true devotees I also respect and honor.) (July 20)
Kenny: did you make it to The Gathering? (July 20)
Still: No, I wasn't at Rainbow this time around. It almost happened, but the timing just wasn't quite there on my end. Several friends who are now here in Pittsburgh did go to it though...

From reports I've heard, it was the usual scene of big crowds going to have peaceful fun and/or worship in the woods, cops strutting around hassling people and acting like arrogant assholes, drum circles and fires, and all that.

Since night fire drum circles tend to be my favorite part, I figure I was just as well off at Wisteria while it happened, because there was plenty of that there too.
(July 20)